Fearlessness is not always a sign of mastery.Just like a fearless child playing with a snake is ignorant of the danger it can unleash, so does ignorance comes with it own pseudo confidence . Boldness is sure a great virtue but one that is birth by ignorance opens you up to frustrations and leaves you with a future you didnt prepare for .

Soon you would realize that your life is at the mercy of the knowledge you deliberately acquire . Your decisions ,actions and response to life stream out from the content of your heart. Listen to me , knowledge cages you to operate at a level in life and not even your muscles can bail you out.Men that operate on higher levels in life weild higher knowledge.

I have heard people tell me that reading is not their thing and all that ,but I get more confused when such people also tell me about their visions and goals.True vision propels you to embark on a radical search for knowledge. Your passion for your vision is seen in the passion with which you fill up every vacuum of ignorance and mediocrity in your life. Vision without knowledge is plastic in nature. It would melt when reality hits it.

Equip yourself,build your mind ,empower your heart. Knowledge is a weapon you can wield that commands the forces of nature to respond to your call.

Anifowose Tobi

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