overcome challenge

Challenge according to dictionary is an instigation or antagonization
intended to convince a person to perform an action they otherwise would not .

It is also a difficult task, especially one that the person making attempt finds more enjoyable because of the difficulty involved.

Challenge is an everyday language and experiences. It is attached to human existence such that it appears inseparable.

From the genesis of a man’s life to the revelation of his existence is characterised by challenges.

Starting from the birth, to the moment of upbringing, to the time he starts to sit down, to the time he crawls, to the time of standing and walking ,to the time he starts to run till he is no longer breathing, all is challenges.

In fact, life itself is a challenge on its own.

The exam a child write in order to be promoted to the next class is the definition of challenge .

The challenges of man comes in different ways . It could be to work in the multinational company, to pass jamb exams, to gain admission in the university, to pass your semester exams, to make more customers in your business, to write an assignment, to create a course, to give birth to a child, to learn a trade, to win an election, to live a life of your choice, to be a pastor etc…. You can continue to mention as many as possible including
your own problems that you are battling now.

At a every stage in man’s life is found a very challenge that is equal to him

If you check your life very well, you will surely see one challenge or the other that is facing you . That is to tell you that no one ever existed without a challenge.

You may ask , why is it like that?

The answer is not far fetched, right from the definition of this topic you will see for yourself why it is so.

Challenge is that difficult things that is designed to move you away from your comfort zone.
It is a test you are expected to pass before you move on to the next level of your life.

The purpose of challenges is to ensue that you don’t remain the same all through your life. In essence we say that challenge is made to uplift you, promote you and make you better than before.

If a child didn’t write exams in primary one class, he /she will not be promoted to class two. That is the reality of life.

Often times we tend to runaway from challenges due to its difficult nature . This is so because human beings by nature are created in a way that we love pleasure more than pain.

Hence every one on earth has the two natures –the pain center and the pleasure center. It is located at the brain of every man.

To solve problems is painful

But sincerely speaking, as painful as challenge is, it is the only sure way to achieve greatness in ALL aspects of life.

So don’t be weary to face challenges, it is the spice which makes life really interesting.

Note : The number of challenge you overcome will determine the number of promotion you attain.
Hence, the more difficult the challenge you are able to overcome , the more greater you become.

That’s the meaning of inequality of people in the same field of life .

So I don’t know what challenge that is facing you right now? But I want you to know that that’s the red sea you are expected to cross before you reach your promise land.

Don’t complain about the challenge instead be joyful that you are about to go higher than your current level.

Here are some of the reasons people run away from challenges:

1 MISUNDERSTANDING /MISINTERPRETATION This is the number one why people tend to flee from their challenges, many of us see evil in every single thing that happened to them, even in what everyone else considered good that worth celebrating.

They would rather see the negative side of issues they encounter in life than the goodness that’s therein. This will make him to develop a moody attitude and lament about to everyone they see.

For you to overcome your challenge, you must start to see the level that challenge will catapult you to when you eventually overcome it.

Stop seeing only the negative in your interpretations rather see it as a stepping stone to your greatness.
If you interpret any challenge well, you will surely overcome it amicably.

Interpret your challenge right!

2 LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: The rate at which we need knowledge in our lives is inestimable. This is because knowledge is light that will lead us to success i. e overcoming any obstacle in life. If you know how to overcome the challenge, you will be rejoicing instead of lamenting, complaining and crying when challenge show face.

3 ADHERENCE TO WRONG ADVICE : Wrong advice is obtained from wrong association. Some when faced with a challenge prefer telling people who cannot be able to give them good advice which will facilitate overcoming the challenge.

You are not suppose to share your problems with those kind of people for the result will be more harm than good. I would advise you to change your association so that you can make new good ones who will be there with you and for you in the time of problems.

Change your friends if they cannot help you.

Three among other ways among by which you can overcome your life challenges are :

## firstly, calm down : it’s very obvious that when challenge strikes, you begin to run up and down panting like a foul that is suffering from aspergilloses . It is not like that, calm down and breath in and out before you make any move in search for the solution.

##understand the challenge : this means to search for the good things associated with that challenge and what it takes for you to overcome the challenge.

##meditate on the possible solutions : at this point, you sit down (with a paper and pen) and think deep into ways of solving the problem. List at least 5 different ways by which you can cross the red sea of your life. After that

##make a decision : Here, you decide which of the methods listed above to be followed. This will depend on the one that suits your challenge best.

## Take it to God in prayer and ask for grace to do what you have planned . And lastly

## strike hard : having received the grace, you go ahead to solve the problem with joy and happiness.
That is how it works.

God bless you beyond your expectations .

Remain blessed

Samson Chukwuma

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