Moses was referred to as an Egyptian because he was wearing the Egyptians’ attire.

O yes, you said that God is concerned with your heart and not on the appearance, no problem, but do you know that God in one’s heart changes the appearance? You’re simply need Jesus!

How can God Who you claim to have in your heart, covers everywhere with His glory but couldn’t cover your nakedness? You’re a strange to Him!

How can God work in your heart without working on that which houses the heart? Do you know what? You’re simply deceiving yourself!

If God is in you, show it through your appearance, dispositions, actions, words, etc, because you cannot be dressing like an Egyptian or talking like a Babylonian and yet saying that you’re an Israelites, it can’t be, you’re simply a strange to Israel.

Hope you do see houseflies singing and flying around faeces? Very good! Those people are hovering round you, to lure you in sexual immorality because you’re smelling like a faeces to them. Until you begin to dress moderately, you’ll continue to be cheap.

Hope you got that?

© Matthew Buchi Obassy

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