NIGERIA The Hope of a Nation

It is a known fact that a Nation is a stable community of people formed on the basis of common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity or psychological makeup manifested in a common culture, but in this case of mama Nigeria, she is an unstable community of people formed on the basis of territorial make-up. She was birthed as far back as 1914 by the British Empire, she became a colony to Great Britain just like some other African countries, the name “NIGERIA” was given to her by a British journalist called Flora Shaw, who later married Lord Lugard, a British colonial administrator.

The name “NIGERIA” was derived from the “NIGER RIVER” running through the country. During the 20th century, Nigeria’s aunties went into war which was later tagged “WORLD WAR 1” this was in the 1914-1918. As about 1939-1945, that was some years after daughter Nigeria has been birth to life, mother Britain and the rest of her sisters went to war against each other. Mama Britain will never be forgotten for her bravery and courage during the fight against HITTLER and his NAZI Invasion. During that period “Winston Churchill” was the prime minister of England and “George VII” was the king of England, the king supported his prime minister during the war, reports has it that he visited armies on the battle field. Though he was succeeded by his daughter “QUEEN ELIZABETH II” during this period, some men from Africa where drafted into British Military service, they were to fight out the Japanese out of Burma (Myanmar).

After the war, during the 1950’s it was a known fact that Great Britain was exhausted economically, humanly but not cerebrally.

She was conscious of her interest in her slavery business, thou Nigerian’s were meant to believed that they are no more answerable to Britain any longer, Nigeria was believed to gain her independence as far back as 1960, this event came with lots of jubilation across the streets of Nigeria. As a new nation, Nigeria as a nation will have the opportunity to make decisions on her own setting rules and laws for her citizens. This was not what Britain meant for her, Britain was still interested in the affair of her daughter (NIGERIA), mechanism were put in place to solve that, this was achievable by bringing a governor general from Sudan, the person of “Sir James Robertson” to take charge before the independent day. It was later known that “Sir James Robertson” threw his weight behind “Abubakar Tafawa Balewa” as the first Nigeria prime minister.

History told us that Herold Smith, a Briton was brought into the picture to oversee the first ever election in Nigeria which was later rigged. The reason for rigging the election was for Britain interest to still be maintained after Nigerian’s were to believe they were granted independence from their colonial masters. Thou “Herold Smith” refused to be part of this elaborate hoax to fix Nigeria election.

During these years of her childhood, Nigeria was a land of “HOPE” she was assumed to be the best nation in Africa and also the giant of all other Africa nations.

Her youth were vibrant and enthusiastic about the future with great expectations, patriotism was the watch word for most of her citizens, but after five (5) years of independence another form of slavery cripped into the territorial boundary of Nigeria, this is not a slavery of physical labor nor torture, this is “The slavery of the mind”. This form of slavery was very disruptive to her well-being, this slavery is called “GREED”. The Nation was divided into regions, this regions includes: The Northern region, The Eastern region and The Western region which later gave birth to the Mid-west region. Each of these regions had a governor.

During the “Trivia Greed” among the elite of each region, trust, dignity, values, morals and “HOPE” including other virtuous such as patriotism where lost, hate became the order of the day which cut across religious and ethnic boundaries. After the founding fathers had their share they bequeathed a lascivious society to the younger leaders. A Nation that wishes to gain superiority above other nations like “United State of America” by PRAYERS, this is a societal dysfunctional mindset among her citizens.

A society that hope to see “God Factor” in all her endeavors without the proper “Input” so as to actualize such a wish.

A society that wishes to have a seat in the “United Nation” with other world powers but refuses to invest her resources into technology, research and military weaponry.

A society that wishes to have the best economy in Africa without encouraging her local industries with adequate policies so as to improve on her development.

A society that wishes to have youths that are productive and hardworking so as to be useful to themselves and their country but failed to encourage entrepreneurship and skill acquisition among the youths. A nation that aspire to have an educated populace but refuses to invest 25% of her national budget on Education according to UNESCO recommendations. A country that wishes to have absolute peace among her population and also wishes her citizens to be tolerable to each other but refuses to teach her young population the history of her past mistake on (civil war).

A society that wishes to have abundance of food which was the reason why her National flag added green on it but gives little to agriculture among her people. Nigeria is a Nation that deepens her interest on HOPE but refuses to pay the required cost for the actualization of such a wish.
In conclusion, wishes will be a waste of HOPE if adequate measures are not introduced to get things right, hence actions should be religiously focused upon to make Nigeria great.

Maxwell Bobo, is a writer, an information professional, a web developer and also a corp member serving with Jigawa State Library Board.

A Merely Wishing Of the Heart
By Max Bobo

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