Miracle Church For Yahoo Boys In Abraka

Miracle Church for Yahoo Boys in Abraka.

If you are a yahoo boy in Abraka and still haven’t heard of APM, then you still haven’t been around for long.

APM is a church sterming over 400 members on Sundays and many more members numbering thousands on special programs. The church is still being housed in a plank model, but it’s rapidly developing his new site. The church is headed by the Apostle, a former carpenter turned pastor three years ago.

In three years only, the church now have a branch in Warri, Obiaruku and other places.

Special programs are offered to yahoo boys to enable them have a quick pick from their potential clients (maga).

“On one occasion, a boy was called out and a prophecy was confirmed that he was expecting 10million naira from a client which he agreed. Special prayers and sacrifice were performed and the boy later came to testify.”.

All Sundays, testimonies of confirmation go around the church to the glory of the lord of the Apostle.

“There is no way you will be a member here without picking money. god is truly here”….A member said.

If you are looking for a miracle, this might just be the place but meeting the pastor one on one takes more than membership. You need to be special to see him as well. Only good tithers are allowed to see him or those his spirit chooses.


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