Delsu Admission Clearance/Screening Procedures And Guide

Welcome to Delsu, my name is EMZ and am here to provide you with tips on how to run your admission clearance smoothly.


First, you need to confirm your admission status. There are lots of proposed students out there that have been scammed into believing that they are students. The truth of the matter is, you can be deceived into believing the Institute has offered you admission. A girl was tricked by her boyfriend into believing she gained admission, it was after four years she discovered her admission was fable, by then it was already late. The sole purpose of this article is to avoid issues like this. Now, how do you tell if truly your admission is genuine.



First, go to your jamb portal to check your admission status. This is simply unmanipulated. Make sure you check it yourself.


Secondly, check your Delsu portal to be sure Delsu recognises your admission. Truth be told, the school can also have technical issues when it comes to admission as well.


Now,  if you are sure your admission is genuine. Then the next step is yours to take.



After admission, you will be required to pay an acceptance fee of 30-50 thousand naira .This fee is non refundable and it has a stipulated period of one week or stand the risk of forfeiting your admission.


After the payment of the acceptance fee, you are to proceed immediately to pay for your medicals . This fee is within 10-12 thousand naira . Also non refundable. This fee covers all your medical activities until you graduate except otherwise. You are to proceed also to the school medical health centre to run medical check up. Blood test, scan, urine test and the latest drug test as well. Just be clean and you are good to go.


After the medicals, you are to proceed with admission proper by buying files from the school library. Then, get a form from your department, make photocopies of the forms, fill out the forms, fix the forms to the files and submit them orderly as instructed.


You are to submit one file to your department and another to your faculty. Sometimes, you might be required to visit the admission office for clarifications.



Now,  let me highlight some of the things needed for clearance.

Jamb Original Result

Original O Level result(s) certificate or print-out

Birth certificate

Local Government Certificate

Medical card(given by the school health centre)

Forms from your departments.



You are to undergo two screening, departmental screening and faculty screening.

To avoid heart break, make sure your Olevel and Jamb subject combination tally with the departmental requirements and also make sure your files are well arranged orderly as stipulated on the file.



After screening,  school resumes for you. Make sure you pay your dues and be of good behaviors. I wish you good luck.




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