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If you see a girl that you like and you make up your mind to approach her for a relationship because she’s exactly what you want in a woman; you’ve already lost the game before the game even started.

Going up to her, telling her how beautiful she is and how you’d be honored if she accepted you. Its the epitome of weakness.
That’s not how you get and keep a girl.
Already you’re chasing. Already she’s the Prize. Already she has more power than you and should you date, the power difference will only increase.

[b]BUILDING ON A ROCK.[/b] The only way you start at the top with women, having all the advantage, holding all the cards, from the word go, is to do things the opposite way. The way that appears wrong but is actually the right way: instead of searching for a woman who fits your ideal, You should be a man who fits the woman’s ideal. You should be what a woman wants. it must be about fulfilling the woman’s expectation not yours. Desire must flow from the girl to you. It must not flow from you to the girl. Attraction must start in the heart of the female, not in your heart.
That’s the secret to happiness. That’s how you build a relationship on a foundation of rock: You make sure the woman loves you more than you love her. You must be the guy she feels she “can’t live without”. But She must not be the girl you feel you “cant live without”. Be her fantasy don’t Iet her be your fantasy. Let her chase the fantasy, but keep your feet firmly in reality.


That female who’s “everything you ever dreamed of in a woman”, that chick who’s the “girl of your dreams”, that one must be dealt with only on a lust level. As a short term fantasy. A pump and dump. Dick her, don’t Heart her. Ejaculate and evacuate. Don’t invest any emotion in her. No matter how beautiful. No matter how delicious.
You can not afford to love the girl that you want. You dare not chase the fantasy. Loving the girl your heart chooses is a luxury you just can’t afford. Not if you value your happiness and peace of mind. If your goal is romantic success, your woman must be more invested in the romance than you. She must be the biggest shareholder in the company. She must be the one in love with you, not the other way round.


[b]POWER DYNAMICS.[/b] For the one who loves less is actually the one with all the power, holding all the cards and having all the advantage. The one who loves more, the one more committed, holds less of everything.
If a house is burning, the one who bought the most property cries the most. And so they’re the one most concerned about preventing fires. In other words, the party most invested, most loving and most committed in the romance is the party that begs the most, compromises the most and sacrifices the most to make sure the romance stays on course.


The one who invests less of everything holds all the power for the simple reason that they can walk away any time. Never be involved in something you can’t walk away from without losing gallons of tears. Women have been loving the right way since forever. When was the last time you saw a girl cry tears over a boy? Between men and women who commits suicide more over breakups? Of course the men. Because they don’t know how to love properly.


Guys need to learn to love the way girls love.

When a girl enters into a relationship with you she’s happy when you’re the one that loves her not the other way around. That way she has more power in the relationship. But if it happens that she’s the one that falls harder and deeper for you, she’ll do the next best thing to retain some measure of power: she’ll HIDE THE INTENSITY of her love for you.
A girl will love you with all her heart and be crazy for you, [i]BUT SHE’LL NEVER SHOW IT[/i]. The girl you love never shows you the full height, depth and breadth of her love. She never lets you know the maximum temperature of her passion.

You give her your photo, she goes home and goes crazy [i]OVER THAT PHOTO[/i]. She sleeps with it next to her heart, kisses it, even shed tears of love over the image of you. She keeps it safe and spends hours on end just looking at it, lost in adoration.
But when you come in person to see her she puts the photo away and she wears her “game face”. The face you see is not going to be the face your photo saw. Gone is the dreamy look of complete total love. Gone are the tears of love. She looks at you like one who never missed you one second. Like you were not even on her mind.
A girl shows you less of the love she has for you as a strategy: TO PROTECT HERSELF. If she was truthful and did show you how deep her love for you is YOU WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE. You’ll use it against her. You’ll demand crazy things from her. You’ll cheat on her. And because her love for you runs deep, she will find it hard to leave and easy to forgive.
So to stop you from having that power over her, she hides the true extent of her love. And because you have no idea how crazy she is for you, you never fully exploit her.

That’s why girls have DIARIES. They pour their heart, soul and mind on the pages of that little book. They confess their loves, hopes and fears on it’s pages. Not to the BF. And when a girl loses her diary or when another person reads it, she freaks out. Because she feels exposed.
Many a girlfriend that plays it cool before her guy is mad crazy for him in his absence. Why do you think when guys screwup, girls always say, “If only you knew how much I loved you”.? It’s because the girl knows the love she’s been expressing is not the complete love she’s been feeling. She loved the guy more than he knew and because he’s leaving he’ll never really know he’s lost a diamond.
Men need to learn that lesson: Be crazy and drunk in love all you want, worship the very ground your woman walks on if you wish, be batshit mad for her – but whatever you choose to do DO NOT DO IT IN FRONT OF HER. When you meet her, put your “game face” on. Your poker face. Conceal your desperation. Let her be forever guessing how deep your love for her runs. Do not worship her to her face. You give her too much power over you, power she’ll unfailingly use against you.


The key to love and happiness is to Learn to love the one who loves you. Never try to make someone who doesn’t love you love you.
That’s how you lose.
That’s how you spend 12 months chasing a girl who has her own eye on another dude all the while your stupid self thinking she’s playing hard to get. That’s how you buy a girl shoes and phones that she’ll proceed to use to impress the guy her own eye is on. That’s how a girl, during sex, ends up whispering another dude’s name to your ear, because it’s him her mind is on. Why? Because you’re forcing yourself into her heart. But her heart is already occupied by another guy.
Now here is the girl you must occupy yourself with:
That girl who’s crazy for you for no reason and blushes everytime she sees you. That girl who always makes excuses to hang around you. That girl always offering to do stuff for you. That girl always eager to be part of whatever you’re part of. LOVE THAT ONE. She’s CHASING you. You’re on her mind and in her heart as we speak. She likes you already.
The women you yourself like, just pump and dump them. They’re as useless as chaff. And will be as troublesome as the weeds.
Keep the women you like for LUST, but the women who like you, keep them for LOVE. A girl who likes you is a precious stone that you take and polish and adorn yourself with. But a girl you like is a common stone, one of thousands you lust after day in day out:

You take a corner you see a girl you like. You open your window you see a girl you like pass by. You enter the bus, there, sitting in the front seat, is a girl you like. You go to town you see 20 girls you like. At your school there must be 50 of these girls. At work almost every department has a girl you like. The girl you like is EVERYWHERE and what’s everywhere HAS NO VALUE.

But that girl out of hundreds, who looks at you the way you have been looking at hundreds of girls, that one chick who becomes as stupid and as dumb infront of you as you become infront of the girls that you like, that girl is THE ONE for you.
You can never go wrong learning to love that one. Don’t trouble yourself with the girl you like. Why? Because already HER HEART IS SET ON ANOTHER MAN. look for the one who likes you, for her heart is set on you. Such a girl’s heart you don’t have to win, because already its yours.
Girls are choosy as hell. But a girl who has already chosen you is a Penalty Kick you’ve been given, without the goalkeeper, without even the goal posts. You can’t miss even if your eyes were closed.

And NO, a girl who chooses you is not cheap. A girl who’s cheap is the girl you fvck for the price of a loaf of bread. That is a cheap girl. You can fvck her for a penny, even for free. But guess what? So will the next guy. And the next. And the next. On the other hand, A girl who chooses you will be easy BUT ONLY FOR YOU. She’ll be cheap BUT ONLY FOR YOU. She’ll be willing BUT ONLY FOR YOU. You see the difference? It’s all about YOU sir.
If a girl doesn’t look at you twice, there’s no reason to look at her twice. Attraction is zero. The spark failed. A female knows with one look if she’ll sleep with you or not. If she doesn’t double check you, if her eyes don’t linger, if her gaze doesn’t keep coming back to you; KEEP IT MOVING. Forget her.


[b]BUT REAL MEN DO THE CHASING??[/b] When females chase you does it make you less manly? Less Alpha?
It does not. Don’t you get jealous when women throw their panties and bras at celebs during concerts? I know you do. Do you want a girl to throw you her panties to show you she wants you? Yes? But then you’ll call her a Slut! That’s why she’ll settle for throwing you a smile.



If the girls whose eyes linger and whose smiles you keep getting are not of the class you want, that’s an honest indicator of where you are in the Sexual Market. That’s your level. You attract your class.


To get better, better yourself. To see an improvement improve yourself. To see an upgrade in the quality of girls that give you “the look”, upgrade yourself. The women you attract are the women at your level. Go up a level, and the quality of females you attract will also go up a level. Simple as that.
And how do you do that?
Dress better. Walk better. Speak better.
Do everything better than you’ve been doing.
To top it, go get a better body. Look, You can’t change your face or your height but you can very well change your body. Which is all good, for when it comes to sex, your body IS your face. Women don’t lust after a handsome face. It’s that 6pack and those biceps that make the vagina tingle. Why do you think women love watching Wrestling on TV?
So, hit the gym.


[b]LET HER CHOOSE.[/b] Letting a girl choose is how you choose a girl.
That way girls chase You. You don’t chase girls. That way You play hard to get. You don’t have girls playing hard to get to you. Players are Players because every girl who chooses them they accept even though they’ve a girl already. And girls who date Players can’t easily walk away from the fvckery of it all because they fell in love first. They’re invested.
That’s the blueprint of dealing with women. Play the game this way and you’ll be surprised how far you can go with women WITHOUT spending money. Love is free. If you do it right.

When you let girls choose you become the Prize. The Chosen. And a girl who chooses you will make it EASY for you because she wants you to win. She’ll test you Yes, because she needs to assess your masculinity, but she’ll root for you. She’ll be lenient and give you more opportunities than you deserve. And that’s very important for your chances with her.
So how do you choose a girl? By letting a girl choose you. Ignore the ones who ignore you. Pay attention only to those who pay you attention. Remember every girl wants your attention, but not every girl will give you attention. So save your attention for the girls who are prepared to give you theirs.
Your attention is free but it means a lot to women. The compliments you give willy-nilly are oxygen to their self-esteem. Your drooling looks are the validation they can’t breathe without. So make sure you don’t give them out freely. Be stingy with.




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