Auchi Cult War: Graduate And Several Students Killed

September 23, 2019 wisdomclass 12Comment

About five persons have been reportedly killed in a cult war that broke out last weekend and three more killed this morning. Making a total of eight in Auchi, Edo state.

Among the victims is a graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, who recently completed the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) identified as Irale Obas. Obas was killed on Sunday at Iyakpi village.

Others were killed in reprisal attacks in different locations. Sources said the killings were caused after the murder of a brother to a leader of one of the confraternities. The cult leader was the target of the other rival cult, but his younger brother who is his look-alike, was killed in a mistaken identity. The cult war, it was learnt, has caused tension among students living off campus.

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