Delsu Student Attempts Suicide


Delsu student  who attempted suicide was rescued by WisdomClass team. Another suicide case in Delsu.

If you hear anything, see anything or suspect anything suicidal, call WisdomClass support team.

The content of the letter below

[i]A lot on my mind. I am completely defeated beyond retreat. Though my self dignity is still intact, yet my heart bleeds and my face sore in shame. I have tasted enough vinegar in a short while. I have no one, no family, no true friend that was willing to make sacrifice for me.[i] [i]The options before me right now, is to either “pretend to Live” or “die in peace”. The route that seems easier to me is dying peacefully. While my belief is totally against the existence of invincible forces control my witches and wizards, i still strongly believe that all the prophecies of doom from divine hierarchical sages were profound. I urge myself to live for another day and hope for hope, the only element that has kept me breathing this long.[/i] [i]I don’t deserve this treatment. My dad is struggling with his health, unable to hear me, save me… A gentle man that loves his son but Providence wouldn’t be so kind. My supposed friends turn me away whenever i ask for 100naira to feed. My life gives me hiccups. I know it not easy for many out there but am just not many. I have reached my elastic limit. Everyday hope is no longer working for me.[/i] [i]I have balanced my life, studied all nooks and crannies of it to know where am getting it wrong. It obviously correct to say am damned and my current predicament should be the last of it.I can’t feed unless i slave my ass out, what an irony for a student. No one knows what am battling with. My house rent has expired, my girlfriend has left me, my school fees still hurts me in my sleep.I have to free myself.[/i]


Save a life today…. Call WisdomClass suicide support help line


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