Students, Freshers Survival Guide. [2019/2020]

[b]FRESHER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE.[/b] The aim of this trend is to enlighten you on the tricks/methods used by the children of perdition to rob freshers on campus and also save you from avertible circumstances on campus. The following have been listed as a guide to see you through your  first year stay in school.

[b]1. LOOK OUT FOR THE TYPICAL ROBBERS[/b] I will start with a personal experience in my first year in school.

[i]Starring the release of the third batch admission list of my school, my duty as the coordinator of my department exposed me to all sorts of people. It was my duty to accommodate every genre of persons in my department.[/i] [i]On this particular day, i and a few of my mates were in class awaiting a lecturer. A dude, a strange face entirely with a cap on him, came to me. He introduced himself as Kalito. He said he gained admission from the just released list and he was hoping i would help him sort his clearance fast as the coordinator.[/i] [i]i wasn’t sceptical with his request, i just accepted because as a coordinator it was an expectable task. He was free and was mingling with the other guys. I thought he knew some of them with the way he was rolling. He even had lecture with us that day.

After lecture, he strolled with us ,discussing class stuffs, then just when we got to a business centre, he told me to borrow him my phone that he would place a call to his dad to send money to me for recommended  textbooks. He pretended to be making call and that  was the end of my phone ownership. All attempts to trace the smart dude Proved abortive, so i accepted my fate and moved on.[/i] [b]2. Be Weary of “TRY YOUR LUCK”[/b] These guys are professionals and i still don’t understand why the school is not taking any action against them yet.

They usually camp at the campus 3 small gate. They are about four in numbers. What they do is, they set table and put phones on it, then they tell passing freshers to come play game with a promise of winning a phone with 50 naira. They are well organised with a young fella(one of them) pretending to have won a phone In order to arouse your interest. It’s certain that before you leave, you will definitely loose  your money and your phone for gamble.
These dude use all forms of tricks and the most suspected is hypnotization. They hypnotize you into dropping your phone, your money and anything valuable and then you leave like a mugu.
Avoid them like plague.

[b]3. Be mindful of road side course adviser.[/b] Most business center guys fall into this category. They render all sorts of advise, just for you to patronise them. They claim to have forms and updates the school official websites or departments have not released yet. This set of people will give advise and when the negative result comes forth, they say “that’s how we have been doing it before, don’t know why it was changed. ” They promise all sort but only leave you with disastrous results. Seek advise from your level adviser only.

[b]4.Connection People[/b] This set of people are masters of deception. They tell freshers they possess all the connections in school and they could help anyone get anything even to run screening if your result is messed up. They come in various forms, as graduates, stale students, supposed staffs, e.t.c
They also appear on social media to offer help. Avoid them like plague if you don’t want problem.

[b]5. Course Blocking[/b] This set of people will tell you to block any course you find difficult. Mind you, all 100level courses in Delsu are computer based, so, no lecturer or anybody has access to manipulate them.

A mutual friend was tricked into paying 20,000 naira to a guy that works at the business centre in Delsu cooperative house in Campus two. The mutual friend not only failed the two first semester GSTs, he also lost his money.

So, remove your mind completely from it. No matter how convincing it might sound, it is absolute falacy. No single manipulation is possible in 100level, and even in 200level. So be wise. They come also as your coordinator or lecturer’s assistance/boy.

Following the above mentioned tips will keep you out of trouble as a fresher and save you the stress of writing a bad first year experience in school .

Good luck and Welcome onboard.

We at WisdomClass.Org are dedicated to the enlightenment and development of students in Delsu. When you are faced with any issue related to the stated five, please contact us for counselling


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