Apostle Suleman Says He Attempted Suicide


b:1/No..don’t get me wrong. Fasting is very helpful spiritually..it positions you to recieve and walk with God(1 cor 7.5,2cor 6.5,acts 13.2,2 cor 11.27,Matt 17.21).but medically anything more than 7days without liquid is self styled suicide you need to be healthy to serve God well.1,8653:53T

The Senior Pastor and founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has said fasting without applying wisdom is dangerous.
The controversial cleric narrated how he almost died after fasting for several days without food or water.
According to him, fasting without liquid beyond seven days could be likened to a suicidal mission.
Suleman stated this in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle @apostlesuleman.
He said he had attempted it in the past and stopped when he started stooling blood after 11 days without water or food.
“I was so eager for the ANOINTING (and) forgot to apply wisdom, I almost died,”
Suleman said
He tweeted:
“Someone just asked me what’s the day of my life I don’t want to remember…I think it’s the period I fasted for 11days without water or food and was stooling blood…I was so eager for the ANOINTING and forgot to apply wisdom almost died…what’s yours?

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