Abject poverty, immense suffering with tears of anguish, conjugated with ill-fated existence has been the case of the 235 transitioned Contract workers of Chevron and its contracting firms: JOCECO Nigeria Limited, Pat Onosen Nigeria Enterprises Limited, Sanco Calaya J.V. Nigeria Limited and Hensteel Engr & Construction Services Limited.

These workers were stopped from work since 2014 without prior notice or letters of termination; with no payment of Salary or entitlements. The Battle for their rights, which is the reward for giving their sweat and blood in oil pipeline welding and fitting in very harsh conditions has lingered for over 5 years. Some of these workers have died of hunger/starvation, sickness and depression. Is this their reward for contributing immensely to this crude oil that is Nigeria’s major source of revenue? Its indeed a Shame to imagine!

To make this matter worse, all their savings have been spent on this case resulting in endless court adjournments and postponements from the Industrial Court to The Court of Appeal since May 19, 2016 to July 1, 2016; October 25, 2016; Feb 21, 2017; March 27, 2017; July 27, 2017; May 10, 2018; June 5, 2018; June 28, 2018; September 30, 2019. The next date is yet to be specified.
Chevron and its four contractors are dragging their feet and playing with this issue because they are not on the receiving end; it is not their health, family, or future that is on the line. These men have been battered, shattered, buffeted, mesmerized and have become a dark shadow of their true self. They have been crying rivers of tears in the dark, soaking both bed and pillows with their bitter and salty tears. This barbaric attitude has even caused the untimely death of some. This is a clear act of slavery and oppression perpetrated against these men.
This case is now a national emergency, therefore it is high time the Government, Nigerians and the world hear their story. I Call on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria(President Muhammadu Buhari), All the Human Right Organizations both National and International, and Nigerians to Intervene and Call Mr Jeff Ewing(MD,Chevron Nigeria) and his Contractors to order so that these men’s entitlements can be paid in full without further time wastage. They are the pawns in their game and they don’t care whether these men live or die. But they are our Fathers, Grand Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, Friends, and Fellow Citizens. Loosing them equals loosing a part of us.

I plead with the government to be sympathetic towards these men. Please let’s take to every available social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, and others. National and International News Stations should not be left out. Human Right Organizations, Solidarity groups, Celebrities, Actors, Musicians and Comedians should also arise for these old men whose lives are on the line.

Below are some of the affected workers:
(1)Patrick Gbetah.
(2) Panama Frank
(3)Atiyota Benedict
(4) usino Edward
(5)Nwagbonuwe Antony
(6) Edegbele Godwin
(7) Ekube Felix
(8) Odjada Fred
(9) Obeuwou Samson
(10) Aboma Benson
(11) Erapih Famous
(12) Ozor Moses
(13) Henry Amunogbotsa
(14) Edini Patrick
(15) Asekomhe moses
(16)Monaghan Cyril
(17) Agbori Joseph
(18) Ifada Patrick
(19)Agustin Chukumar
(20) Iyere Robert
(21) Okocha peter
(22) Luke lzo
(23) ukwamendus Patrick
(24) Umwkperuo Gabriel
(25) Oritsebewaigho Thamas
(26) Ajimjere Ago
(27) Ichene Godwin
(28) Achi Godwin .
(29)Michael febaide
(30) Odeghe Chris
(31) Okubomiebi Bayour
(32)Owoniy Emola
(33)Oyesanu Franies (LATE)
(34)jh lgben George
(35) Sunday Omorodino
(36)Agbana Joseph
(37)Robinson Edjeme (LATE)
(38)Edemadudu F
(39) ofili Charles
(40) Nwani Anthony
(41)lbuanakpo john
(42)uwanda Daniel .
(43)Momah kaneb
(44)Yashobu yashobo
(45) Inwinyere Nicholas
(46) Oghumu Julius
( 47) moses ozor
(48) Funshor Olatunji
(49) Alex Douglas
(50) Akpomuku Anthony
(51) Akpasubi Francis

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