Why Nnamdi Kalu’s Type Of Biafra Is A Failure

As most of my fellow Igbo brothers/sisters have written on this platform, and many other platforms, for us to achieve our true potential, we need to be free from the leadership method of Nigeria. As most of my concerned Igbo brothers/sisters have pointed out, everything is totally against us.

As traders we don’t have access to the world via sea or air without going through another man’s land, which exposes us to all types of extortion and abuse. We can’t carry out big ticket investment like rail-lines, sea/river port or even refine our abundant resources like coal, natural gas, crude oil, palm oil and so on, without dealing with the unfavorable federal government. There is almost ZERO foreign direct investment(FDI) in the entire IGBOLAND. All these and more can be traced to the inequality and laws put to set us backwards.

My Big Brother, Nnamdi Kalu noticed that for us to achieve our true potential and be free, we have to secede from Nigeria with our south south(S/S) brothers. I feel most Igbos’ look at the average non-Igbo speaking S/S as his/her fellow brother/sister but that’s not the case for them. I can categorically tell you that they feel the opposite, you hardly see a non-Igbo S/S clamoring for Biafra regardless that they have been more exploited and abused than we the Igbos. At the peak of IPOB movement, when Nnamdi Kalu was released on bail a very popular non-Igbo S/S guy asked his fellow country men on facebook if they would like to join Biafra. To my greatest surprise over 85% of them said NO, some even commented that they prefer to be in Nigeria or form their own country without the Igbos. From my further research and investigation, these people only claim united when it favors them – like Goodluck Jonathan election but hate us as much as others do. I asked umu-igbo when have you ever seen a non-Igbo S/S fighting for our right or progress? The relationship is a one-way relation – we are always giving without receiving.

I submit to you today, Nnamdi Kalu style of Biafra is not sustainable. If we want to be free we have to do it alone, we have what it takes to be independent. Based on international law, we have access to the sea. Switzerland is a landlocked nation that is way far from the sea but have a stable economy with even river ports. Rwanda is worse with no access to the sea but its the fastest growing economy is sub-saharan Africa. We have no excuse why we can’t pull out of this toxic relationship.

Granted, there is a huge brain drain in Nigeria but what is worse is the level of brain drain happening in the Igboland. Our very best is leaving Igboland daily to other parts of Nigeria because there is no hope, we lack federal investment in Igboland that would be an incentive to stay back and grow.

I ask:

Do you know if we Igbos leave today we would still be among the top 10 most populous countries in Africa?

Do you know Igboland would be among the top 10 richest countries in Africa?

Do you know Igboland produces more crude oil than Ghana?

Do you know that coal from Enugu can power the whole of West Africa for over 100yrs?

Do you know we have one of the biggest natural gas deposits in the world?

Do you know that countries that never knew what palm oil was, until we showed them now run their economy solely on palm oil production?

Do you know that if Igboland is granted independent we would be the true PAN AFRICAN NATION that has an indigenious language as its official language?

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