Nigerian Fraudster Arrested In The U.S for Duping A Businessman Of $22,000

October 17, 2019 wisdomclass 10Comment

A Nigerian has been arrested by police in the U.S for engaging in online fraud.

Vincent Ezeocha, 27, was arrested for defrauding a businessman to the tune of $22,000.

According to reports, he contacted the businessman who is from Acadiana, Louisiana, impersonating a New Mexico merchant who the victim had once worked with.


Using this stolen identity, he was able to swindle his victim out of $22,250, which he had arranged to be transferred to a Chicago bank account.

He was working on another fraudulent transaction when he was arrested for speeding, which led to his felonies being discovered.

He is set to be charged with one count of bank fraud, one count of felony theft and one count of money laundering.

Vincent also happens to be an illegal immigrant as he’s overstayed the duration of his visitor’s visa in the U.S.

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