Words Of Encouragement For The Day

Stop counting your woes, why not count your blessings.

You have been able to pull up till now. So, tell me how everything your hand touches has near success syndrome.

In Education there are people in this country who have written jamb over six times trying to get into an higher institution.

Do you know that Akin Alabi failed severally before he started Nairabet in his late 30’s. He even failed lost his first election.

Go and read about the story of Jack ma and see how failure was his middle name before creating Chinas biggest e-commerce website Alibaba.

When you fail at somethings, you don’t start thinking of suicide, you will first consider what you did wrong and what you should so better.

As Africans we must learn to do self analysis from time to time.
The road to success isn’t paved with gold.

You need to surround yourselves with bright minds and know that for every successful entrepreneur there are about 100 who lost their business in the first five years. Will they attribute to spiritual problems? No.

If I start selling bags on Instagram today and no one buys a bag in 6 months will I start blaming village people? No
I’ll consider the industry i’m in, my chances to break out, my advertisement strategy, how I display my goods, my customer service etc.

You didn’t fail as a student, start counting your blessings from there. Today is Sunday. Go to church and thank God for even the smallest blessing.

Please, try as much as possible to speak only positive words of affirmations to yourself. Make it an habit everyday. You’ll see your dream pattern will change, your entire life will change.

Even Jesus Christ when people didn’t believe he was Gods son he kept referring to God as “My father.” It was a strange thing for anybody to call God father then. Even his disciples and mother didn’t understand or believe him yet he won’t stop speaking positive words and calling God his father. There is power in “The word” Jesus, and in “the word” your tongue.

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