The Cowards Against Prof. Peretomode( Delsu VC).

It’s no more news that some men  on social media are making malicious comments to discredit the achievements of The Vice Councilor Of the Delta State University, Prof. VF Peretomode.  There has been talks of dictatorship, selective justice, irrational decision making and lots of unsolicited arrogancy against the incumbent VC of the Delta State University.


These men, supposed Human Rights activist and oppressed are now speaking out against Prof because a new VC has been appointed to take over.


A self acclaimed human right activist wrote, “POWER IS TRANSIENT”.  A write up meant to discredit the works of the vice councilor.


“Power is Transient

After leaving Office what would people remember you for? Indeed, Power is Transient Mr Prof. Is it not sad that people are jubilating that u are no more d VC of Delsu and they tagged your reign as Evil days in Power? As VC u left a system of witch hunting Students. When a Student insult members of the Public u rusticate them , u call it Discipline oh yes we applauded u , when Lecturers are caught molesting a student u frown bitterly at that act and sack them. Some hail u! but Sir, Right Under your Nose. A security company u gave contract to was killing Delsuite, kidnapping Lecturers robbing but u looked the other way around (Self benefit) would…”


Others have spoken forth and done writes up against the vice councillor but of what good is their speaking up now ?. Why didn’t they speak up when he was still much on the sit ?. In the words of Shakespeare, “A coward dies many times before their death. .” if these men have shunned themselves up for this long, then why speak out now if not to discredit the amiable Vice councilor and paint a picture of their own self righteousness , obviously, they are complete cowards.


I want to emphatically point out that there is no office holder in our country that has not been a victim of pointed fingers. Somehow, somewhat, ungrateful people only see their supposed flaws but not their credible efforts.

The Vice Councilor has done his best for the institute and his efforts should be accoladed. Trying hard to discredit  him will not bring him down any further. His achievements are well recognised by the entire institute . I plead with those that are audio self activists to desist from tarnishing the image of our amiable Vice Councilor as their effort is giving our school a bad name.


E. Daniel

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  1. That’s very bad to speak of prof. Peretomode in such an arrogant manner because he has done a whole lot for the great delsu.

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