A Two Day Carrier Webinar

“`A 2 Day Career Development Webinar“`

THEME *The Power Plan for Career Success* : Recognizing and Taking Moves to Secure Your Career.


*Discussion to include:*
➡Jobs and career of the future – What jobs and career will exist in 5, 10, 20 years that people neglect now?

➡How you can turn a hobby into a career? – Students and non-students may wish to pursue a hobby such as photography or Writing as a careers. What considerations might they need to have when doing this?

➡What’s the difference between a job and a career? – A discussion about career paths. Not
just about being employed or pursuing a particular career but also it’s progression.

➡Is a job just to pay the bills and a career something you’re interested in? Or Is it really all about cash? What makes a job desirable? And a career worthy?

➡Is skill important in getting a job? Is skill important in career development? What skills & qualities do employers want when they employ a person straight out of school/college/university?

*Venue:* Closed whatsapp group😜
*Registration:* Free 🤩
*Inquiries* : Contact 09032140743, 08025694643
*Date:* 24-25th January 2020

*Link for the Venue:* https://chat.whatsapp.com/Gbk2O1LtqIO9UXUsr2tqc1

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