Ogban Kevwe (Exploit Team)

Ogban Kevwe (Exploit Team)
[b]Ogban Kevwe Samuel[/b]

[b]Ogban Kevwe Samuel[/b] from Delta state. A graduate of philosophy in Delta State University, Abraka. A Ministrel, Worshipper, Music Director, Life Coach, pastor and a media Expert.
He is the president of Exploit team which comprises of three departments namely the Exploit School of Music, Exploit praise team and Exploit worshippers, with a vision of planting true worship in the heart of men and putting smile on Jesus face, and a mission of organzing musical gospel outreaches from city to city in a bid of soul winning, and creating an atomosphere of praise and worship for men to seek God’s face.

He served as a General Sec. and president of Feca Nigeria, Abraka chapter, Delta zone respectively. Feca is a non denomination christain youth fellowship with a vision of Redeeming the desolution of our land and generation.

His drive an passion for worship and music has made him leader over several music team and church chior within Delta state and beyond.

He is the converner of Dip and Deepen worship, Avalanche of sounds and WWW(When we worship)..

He has an undying passion to raise worshippers around the world through his musical gospel outreaches and concert, Mentorship and his muiscal Albums.

EXPLOIT TEAM: Exploit Team
came into existence Nov. 26th. 2017…. Comprises of three dept. ( The music school, the praise team and the worship team)
Vision: planting true worship in d heart of men, and putting smile on Jesus face.

Mission : organizing musical gospel outreach from city to city.. reaching out to the lost soul, creating an atmosphere of worship.

Core value: prayers, souls, team work, passion for excellence, righteousness , Discipliship.
Contact Details: 0813 450 9965

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