A 400L Student Stands The Risk Of Being Shot Dead

I know this may sound unprofessional but seeing this young boy whisked away by vigilantes to the police station because he stole a phone is a thing i just couldn’t stand.

Stealing is wrong but being shot dead for a phone of 35 thousand naira is inhumane. So, i called the owner of the phone to speak with him, he wasn’t even concerned about the phone anymore but the life of this young fellow.

We spoke to the vigilantes and they are asking for a bail fee of 20 thousand naira or they’ll take the fellow to the station. The fellow has no one and to the brim he is an orphan.

We all in Abraka knows what would happened to this boy when he gets to the station, so am calling on anyone to help right now…

The location is opposite D-One Hotel close to Classico hotel. They are still there now

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