Face Mask Should Be Imminent In Tertiary Institutions To Avoid Corona Spread

The recent development of Corona virus is a thing to be scared of. The virus has entered Nigeria and it’s no falacy that those said to have had contact with the infected are yet to be ascertained.

Nigeria is not ready yet to deal with this. A recent update on Facebook shows the commissioner of health without a face mask at the airport inspecting such cases, another also, hospitals are not well equipped to handle such cases, wonder if there is any face mask in most Nigeria hospitals.

This is an unwelcomed development and Nigeria has to be prepared to rid herself off this virus. Now that it has been confirmed that the virus is now in Delta State, Asaba to be precised, it will be of imminent good if all students are advised to put on face mask. We really can’t tell who could have had contact with those already quarantined, but we can take precautionary measures to avoid the spread beyond this very level.

While it is believed that the virus is not as dangerous as Ebola, there is no doubts that the virus has a distarious effect and remains almost incurable and is sexually transmitted according to popular online medical blog source.

Managements of tertiary institutions should make this a top piority to avoid further spread of this virus.

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