Must Read: The Female Source Code

Must Read: The Female Source Code


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What makes women tick at the most basic level. 

Let’s say two Laws are passed: one banning sex between men and women; And another banning friendship between men and women. What will happen? 

Riots and mayhem that’s what. 

Men and women will riot and burn the country. But it is important to understand which gender will riot against which law. 

Women will riot against the banning of FRIENDSHIP between men and women. Men will riot against the banning of SEX.

Men can not live without Sex, Women can not live without Friendship with men.

Friendship with a man is the only relationship that a woman can have with a man that allows her to get money and stuff from him WITHOUT giving him sex. That’s a secret hidden from men. 

For women, a man’s friendship is more important than a man’s love. And more important than a man’s dick. Because with male friends, a woman can get ANYTHING without giving back ANYTHING. 

A woman’s guy friends don’t mind helping her move, checking her car, fixing her place, helping her out with money, keeping her safe etc – forFREE. If the woman gets all that from a BF she has to PAY with sex. But with guy friends it’s free. 

If all the men in Nigeria ignore all the women, and instead focus on 1 woman – every man adoring and worshiping her – that woman, receiving that infinite attention, will feel her need to have sex diminish to almost zero 

There’s a level of Attention and Validation that if a woman gets from men it cancels out her need for Sex. The female sex drive differs from the male sex drive in this aspect. While the male sex drive is a physical hunger like the hunger for food or the thirst for water, The female sex drive is VALIDATIONAL in nature. 

The more important you make a woman feel the less she needs to impress you. (You’re impressed already) And the less she needs to sleep with you to feel important (she’s important already to you)

The more valued a woman feels the weaker her sex drive is because the less she has to use her sexuality to get Validation. And in the opposite way, the less valued a woman feels the stronger her sex drive is because the more she has to use her sexuality to get Validation. Or to feel valued. 

A man can date a woman who seems to enjoy sex, But as soon as he marries her, give her comfort, security and peace of mind her pussy turn dry. Too many men are confused why the happier they make their women the less their women want sex. It’s because these women are content and secure. And that has a chilling effect on their sex drive. It slows it down. To reignite the passion the men have to subtract the things that are making the women content and secure. 

If your woman has lost interest in sex, bring in drama, uncertainty and confusion. Start acting funny. Have suspicious phone calls. Have female friends visit etc – Make your woman think she’s about to be replaced. She’ll stress, process a lot mentally and question her value to you, and in the process her legs will snap open. And pussy juices will flow. 

Here are the codes to female sexuality:

When a woman gives the least amount of sex for the most amount of money It’s about money 

When a woman gives the most amount of sex for the least amount of money it’s about Validation 

Women who participate in 3sums and gangbangs don’t speak too much about enjoying multiple dick but speak more about enjoying being THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION. Because it is about seeking Validation not seeking Pleasure. A woman can pleasure herself better than any man can and no man can pleasure a woman better than a intimacy gadget can. Strictly speaking a woman doesn’t NEED a man for pleasure. So when a woman chases men for sex it has more to do with Validation than pleasure. She feels valuable when she’s valuable to men. 

Most girls who do gang bangs do them free. And the most hardened sluts will be offended if you offered them money for sex. I once related the story of a Bleep addicted slut who, after we offered her money, told us she can do it free if we go hardcore enough on her. I had told her we were about 7 guys. Shît is crazy. 

A woman’s sex drive is opposite her self-esteem. 

The reason treating a woman like trash pays in sex is because it erodes a woman’s self-esteem that she then seeks to replenish by opening her legs. The more worthless a woman feels on the inside the more she seeks worth through sex. The sex compensates for the inadequacies. It’s the reason disrespectful men get a lot of sex from women. It’s the same with men and money. The more worthless a man feels on the inside the more he seeks worth through money. The money compensates for the inadequacies. And a man with zero self-esteem will pay the most amount of money for the least amount of sex. Even paying for NO sex. And still feel good. A man’s spending habits with women are opposite his self-esteem. 

In women, things like sex addiction are more a symptom of deeper underlying issues than mere love of dick: 
Let’s say a boy and a girl are going through problems at home. They will both act out. But in different ways. The boy will turn to petty crime. While the girl will turn to sexual promiscuity. 
Sex is how women deal with issues. Antisocial behavior is how men deal with issues. That’s why in Society’s eyes a man at his worst is a criminal. And a woman at her worst a whôré. And both whôré and criminal live side by side on the street because where there are prostitutes, criminals will be there. They understand each other because they’re going through the same shît but expressing it differently. 

The weaker a woman’s self esteem is, the easier she becomes a slut. And Pîmps know low self-esteem women make the best prostitutes. While sexologists know the first step in treating female sexual addiction is raising the woman’s self-esteem. Meanwhile to get the best sex from a woman you destroy her self-esteem. Everything with female sexuality hinges on Self-esteem. Everything with male spending habits on women hinges on Self-esteem. 

When a woman loses her self-esteem – when she feels worthless on the inside – her Inner Self seeks to regenerate the lost Worth the quickest way it knows how: BY MAKING THE WOMAN OPEN HER LEGS. Because what’s between her legs is the most wanted thing in the World guaranteed to generate the attention she needs to feel like a somebody. 

The woman’s Inner Self points to men’s lust for the woman and says to her: “See, all these men want to fvck you. And you make them cum nicely. You’re not totally worthless!”

As a young boy I remember two prostitutes from the neighborhood pub fighting and one shouting in vernacular, “ayisikho uthanda amadoda” (that’s why you love men), and I remember the other throwing her ass in the air and defiantly shouting back, “Bayangithanda ngoba ngimnandi” (They love me because I’m sweet). 
Everyone burst out laughing at the shamlessness of the reply. I never forgot that incident.

She loved men because men loved how sweet her pussy was. 

Ever noticed this on Social Media? 
A girl posts a picture, and she gets a hundred nice comments. Then an asshole of a guy comes online disses the picture calling the girl fat and ugly. 
Then the magic happens: The girl ignores the 100 sweet comments and fixates on the 1 bitter comment. She engages the hater while the supporters look on feeling neglected. 

It’s a natural law. 

We all fear rejection and a even 1 hater in a sea of supporters gets our Attention. We chase the Hater’s approval wishing for him to be AGREEABLE. And as long as we’re chasing the Hater’s approval he has power over us.

If a woman meets 99 guys who compliment her but 1 guy spits in disgust, What will stress the woman that night?

The 99 compliments or the 1 spit? 

That 1 spit of course: 
“Why did that guy spit? Am I not pretty enough in his eyes? I will show him”. Then over the following weeks the girl will dress and act TO IMPRESS THAT 1 GUY WHO SPIT. She then LIVES FOR HIS VALIDATION. And once the girl does that, as far as that guy is concerned, with that guy, the girl is dealing from a position of weakness. She’s chasing that validation. And as long as she’s chasing, that guy has tremendous power over her. Power even to fvck her. 

There is no sweeter girl than a girl that’s chasing your Approval and Validation. Its how you deal with women from a position of Power. 

A woman can size you up by your choice of words. There’s a superior way of talking to women. And there’s an inferior way of talking to women. Learn the difference:

Nice Guy: I know how to fvck. 
Bad Boy: Do you know how to fvck? 

Nice Guy: I feel so lucky to have you. 
Bad Boy: You should feel lucky to have me. 

See the difference? 

Back in my 2go days (about 9 yrs ago), I had a very different approach to getting girls than most dudes. In the chatrooms most guys would post: “I want a girl who wants me to lick her and I’ll do everything she wants”. 
But because I always opposed everyone, just for the hell of it, I would post: “I want a girl to suck me and do everything I want her to do”. 

I made everything about ME. 

While just 1 or 2 girls responded, It was interesting dealing with those girls. They came to me with the mindset of PROVING themselves to me. The same mindset the majority of men came to women with. It was a power trip having a girl try to convince me of her sex skills all the while I’m trying hard to hide my thirst. 

When you present yourself to a woman as someone ready to serve you lessen your value. You’re chasing her validation. But when you present yourself as someone ready to be served you increase your value and have the woman chasing YOUR validation. It’s a fun ride. The sex the woman will give you is sex to prove herself. The best sex a woman can give a man. 

And it’s not even that hard to set a woman on that road.

It’s as simple as chatting with a 19 yr old girl and in an unimpressed tone, remark, “You’re too young. What do you know!”. And boom!!!! She wanna prove herself to you and show you she’s grown. 

It’s as simple as chatting with an older woman in her 30s or 40s and remarking, “Is that pussy still good or you just saying these things?”. And boom!!! She’s telling herself, “I’ll show this motherfvcker!”

Just like that you have women chase your Validation. Eager to PROVE something to you. While other men compete to prove themselves to women promising to fvck their brains out and lying about Dick sizes and the rounds of sex they can go, you have women doing the same to YOU. 

The key here is to play on women’s fears, envies and jealousies. 

A younger woman envies the older woman for her Sex Skills and her greatest fear is never being taken seriously. The older woman envies the younger woman for her fresh body and her greatest fear is that she’s past her time. A line that has delivered for me with teenage girls is: “I promise to fvck you like a grown woman!”. Delivered in raw vernacular. It works wonders. 

Girls start having sex earlier than boys and go on to have sex with more people than boys ever will. You can benefit from this extensive experience if you approach the situation right. 

Like this: Next time, instead of boasting of your own sexual abilities to a girl, boast about how you’re so hard to impress that even women with amazing sexual abilities have a hard time pleasing you. Make it about YOU. Come across as someone very hard to please. Bring the girl to a position where SHE is the one boasting of her sexual abilities. Where SHE is the one making promises to blow your mind. Even then, raise the stakes by remarking how women who boast about their sexual prowess turn out to be so-so when the time for sex comes. 

That’s how the fun begins for you. For when she comes to you, that girl is bringing along her entire sexual repertoire and may God have mercy on your sceptical soul.
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