Opinion: How Masturbation Affects One’s Sexual Psychosis

Opinion: How Masturbation Affects One’s Sexual Psychosis

Too much masturbation leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Your d*ck will find it hard to get erect. Even if it gets erect, U lose the erection within minutes.

Masturbation also makes you psychologically not have interest in sex. And if it happens just once in the presence of a woman, it will make you feel it is permanent and then you lose your self esteem and become psychologically damaged, withdrawn and scared you won’t have erection when with a woman and when u are with a woman, the erection will not come because yoy have lost ur esteem.

Erectile Dysfunction is also known as Impotence.

A great number of men suffer this thing but we hide it, that’s why Viagra, Cialis and other sex/libido stimulant drugs are selling very hugely all over the world.

What do you make of this opinion ?

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