Save the Girl-Child Advocacy, Door to Door Food Donation: Social Security for Citizens. COVID-19


It sounds great and commendable to give enough time for citizens and the poor to stock their homes with foodstuffs and daily needs so that within the next 14days beginning from April 1st, nobody is allowed to show the streets while supermarkets, markets, shops, and restaurants are under lock and key. It is certainly how to exhibit proactive leadership and display of value for life. It’s commendable.

Save the Girl-Child Advocacy is a community-based outreach established to advanced the rights of women and girls, protect the rights/lives of children, promote girl-child education, develop and empower girls’ children. It is our considered opinion that there should be a certain level of consideration and/or palliative care to cushion the effects of malnutrition, starvation, and deaths arising from the lockdown in some states in Nigeria.
Our appeal goes to wealthy business moguls across the world, rich and powerful individuals, elected representatives. This is the time to give back to society. Our people must not die as a result of hunger occasioned by COVID-19 state lockdown.
The Campaign proposes to distribute food items to citizens amongst these categories through our resource persons in each local government area across Delta State.
1. Single mother
2. Orphan
3. Extremely challenge children
4. Extremely challenge widows
5. Families of COVID-19 Victims, if any.
The food items will be able to sustain them in the meantime. Each food bag given will contain a balance of food items that provide nutritional value to the body and can help feed a family of four for at least a month, thereby keying into the UN goals of ending world hunger by 2030.
The Campaign request the sum of N3,000,000.00(Three Million Naira Only) to fund the project at N30,000.00 for mobilization and distribution, N10,000.00 for PPE, and N2,600,000.00 for food items at N13,000.00 per individual for 200persons across Delta State.

Government orders on “stay at home” must be enforced by security agencies and no citizen must be found on the streets for a period of 14days or more. This is okay but should be backed up with some measures of palliatives as social security for citizens.
To ignore this appeal is to say that those who cannot afford to stock food are entitled to die of starvation and malnutrition.

Interested partners should contact office of the directorate, Save Girl-Child Advocacy on +2348168864331, and visit the link below for partnership:

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