Delta Lockdown: Feedback and Way Forward-Dr. Fred Oghenesivbe

Delta Lockdown: Feed Back From Health Professionals, Situation Reports Will Determine Government Actions And Inactions – Oghenesivbe.

Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Communications, Dr (Barrister) Fred Oghenesivbe, has said that situation reports from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Isolation centres and feedback from accredited health professionals will to a large extent determine the governor’s decision to either suspend or extend the stay at home order.

He made the assertion while speaking as a parliamentarian in “Parliament,” a Bridge FM Radio popular Current Affairs programme aired live in Asaba on Monday 13th April, 2020

Oghenesivbe said Delta State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa is vested with the executive powers to either suspend or extend the state lockdown of boarders, entry points and resumption of full scale economic activities in the state; after reviewing feedbacks from health professions, isolation centres and public health institutions saddled with the responsibilities of combating the pandemic.

He posited that Delta State Government and the governor’s overall objective is to ensure that Deltans are in good health, adequately protected and prevented from contracting corona virus, adding that the three Covid-19 cases so far recorded with one death in the state, further confirmed the existence of the dreaded virus.

The EA Communications appealed to citizens, to as a matter of necessity, cooperate with government in whatever steps, decisions and or pronouncements that the governor may deem fit to make within the next 24 hours, in connection with the suspension or extension of the stay at home order.

“We are aware that some people are eager to go back to work or that government should not extend the stay at home order due to economic hardship and the corresponding hunger. As good as their intentions may be, consideration must be given to public safety because of the health hazard associated with the spread of Covid-19.

“The virus spreads in two major ways, through handshakes/body contacts and via air. Social distancing is strongly recommended because corona virus is also airborne, which is why the spread is faster in crowded environments such as workplaces, malls, airports, schools and so on and so forth.

“It follows that government and the governor will rely heavily on feedbacks and situation reports from accredited health professionals and institutions such as the World Health Organization, WHO, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC in taking proactive, result oriented steps and decisions.

“Governor Okowa is expected to invoke executive powers to either suspend or extend the state lockdown and stay at home order anytime soon. Deltans should keep their fingers crossed.

“It is our responsibility as citizens to obey laws and orders, now and always. Government actions, decisions and executive orders are for public good, for our individual and collective wellbeing.

“Let us continue to cooperate with government by playing our roles in the ongoing fight against Covid-19 pandemic,” Oghenesivbe said.

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