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Too Masculine,I envied Him: Every Youth need to Hear this

April 27, 2020 wisdomclass 20Comment

So I envied my friend for been too masculine, nigga was having too much muscles, whenever we are together, In my mind I’d be like, nigga how are you doing it, until I broke one day I finally told him am interested in building my muscles, and I need guidelines.. Nigga straight ahead told me all I need to do, and gusse what, it was simple like ABC..
Two weeks into the routine, their was no observable changes, so I started missing out, I lacked behind, and finally aborted the plans of building up…
All because I lack one thing Consistency..
Let me quickly tell you something about consistency….
Consistency to me is steady progression to attain a goal..
Yes!! Consistency works hand in hand with diligence…
Consistent people never give up..
Consistency sharpens your Focus
Consistency breeds Hardwork
Consistency fuels the fire of positive advancement
Ever wonder why you easily give up 🤔
Ever wonder why you don’t accomplish those missions
Ever wonder why what ought to take you 3weeks, is taking you 1 year…
consistency is sweating it out…
Consistency is elasticity…
It stretches your ability…
it may seem like its never gona come true.. But with consistency it will surely come tru…
Even the bible says
Pray consistently…
Another portion says: See a man consistent in his business, he sha stand before Kings..
Of course consistency is not a day job, that’s why you need the grace of God
Don’t abort that beautiful dream, that beautiful goal…
Apply Consistency and make it work…

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20 thoughts on “Too Masculine,I envied Him: Every Youth need to Hear this

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