Gratitude: Latest from Bolaji A. Moses

By Bolaji Abayomi Moses

What should I really be like every other normal day like every other normal person?
I’m not sick or insane, and even if am sick, I trust those drugs will make me well.
Moreover, I am broke, I need a new phone, I need a new car, I need a new apartment, I need a new shoe, I need a new laptop, I need a new………. list is unending.
This has become the mentality of many “Normal people “, they have come to justify their Ingratitude with flimsy unworthy excuses.
That’s why they will wake up, and boom they are on the run, forgetting to give thanks to the one who has given them the opportunity to be alive! Opportunity? yes, opportunity… GRATITUDE…
Oh, I remember the day my dad called to have a word with me, here is what he said…
Son, if you must succeed in life, here are three things you should always remember to say no matter what the situation looks like
I’m sorry
thank you(Gratitude).
So many of us “normal people” have been so carried away that we forget that our day to day life is just by God’s grace. We have forgotten that the things we call normal are so abnormal to many.
Why will you believe when it has not happened to you or someone close to you. Or maybe if you have slept close to someone and found out the next day that person is no more, you will come to see the need to be grateful. But why? Why must we learn in a hard way?
It was by my visiting a hospital close to me that I came to discover some people ain’t permitted to eat solid food, and if they must eat solid, it must go into them in liquid form, then I remembered for the last three days I have been feeding on Eba, and I was already tired that I don’t even give thanks before eating…
But you feed on both solid and liquid, and you feel is too normal to be grateful for…
Maybe you should tie your eyes for the whole of a day and live in total darkness, maybe by then you will come to appreciate the one who has given you Eyes to see.
The issue of Gratitude is something we have come to take too normal, we feel we are entitled, we feel it’s our right.. #smiles…
But no, it’s all by God’s grace.
its high time we “Normal people ” come to see thanksgiving as a normal thing.
Marcus T. C said “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others…
So whenever you get the opportunity to see a new day, don’t forget to say thank you to the One who has given you life, whenever you get the opportunity to eat, don’t forget to give thanks to the One who has given you the enablement.
Be grateful always.
Even the Bible says, in everything give thanks…

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