International Workers Day, the need to work together: Paul Esegbue

Friday, May 1 Workers’ Day 2020.

Every May 1st, Nigerians mark its International Workers’ Day, this year is no different. This year’s event will be marked today across all states of the federation. Also notable is that workers in Nigeria will take the day off in observance of the worker’s day.

For workers, it’s a day to bring their demands to the front burner. While the day is set aside to celebrate workers, it also provides an opportunity to demand better welfare and working conditions.
About International Workers’ Day

According to Wikipedia, the International Workers’ Day, also known as Workers’ Day, Labour Day in some countries and often referred to as May Day, is a celebration of laborers and the working class that is promoted by the international labor movement which occurs every year on May 1st, an ancient European spring festival.
This year’s May Day comes at a time the world is combating the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that has kept economies across the globe locked down.

In a statement by Dr. Paul Esegbue, the Convener Wisdom Class called on Nigerian workers to embrace transparency and accountability in the world of work, and remain hopeful amidst the economic threat caused by COVID-19 pandemic. He also decried the level of corruption in Nigeria, saying it is the bane of the problems in the country.

While congratulating Nigerian workers on May Day celebrations, Dr. Esegbue called on the government to enhance the salaries and emoluments of Nigerian workers especially the prompt and regular payment of the new minimum wage in order to deter them from engaging in corrupt practices enforce the numerous promises made to the front liners at war against Coronavirus such as hazard allowances and quality PPE.

“Corruption is the root of all the problems in Nigeria including bad governance, weak leadership and institutions, inadequate infrastructure such as bad roads, ill-equipped health institutions, inadequate power supply, unemployment, insecurity and banditry”, he said.

I therefore called on all workers including public and civil servants, employees of civil society organizations, the organized private sector, and various organizations to work together to support this administration at all levels.

Nigeria shall rise again. Happy Workers’ Day.

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