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Wisdom: It’s structure and function in realizing your true self by Precious Isikadi


Dr. Paul Esegbue
Executive Director, Wisdom Class Foundation

An Inuit Elder once said that you are considered a wise man when you could see what is needed to be done and then successfully doing it without being told what, how, and when to do it. 

Until you realize your true self you can’t succeed and achieve greatness. Just imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo was a trader selling boutique who would have known or heard about him. Yeah! You will definitely be asking right now, what is he saying? Are you saying that those that sale boutique can’t be rich? No! They can be rich but they will be successful at its fullest if selling & being a boutique owner is who they are designed to be. So Ronaldo must have realized on time that his true self was being a footballer. 

Every other thing that will be taught here on this platform starting from discovering your niche & staying authentic, optimizing your emotional intelligence, how to embrace growth mindset, cultivating self, building a team of like-minded persons etc. are all under the umbrella of wisdom that is because wisdom tells you what knowledge you lack or does not have enough, when to get wisdom and most importantly where to get it.

So I can confidently say that wisdom has directed and brought you all here in this place. So you all are wise men and women.

Realizing your true self starts from you having wisdom, because wisdom is what empowers you to realize your true self. Aristotle was trying to pass the same message when he said “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Before I quickly go to define wisdom and tell us more about it, let me quickly tell us about what realizing your true self really means. So pay close attention and take notes.

Realizing your true self can be defined as carefully listening to that inner and fascinating voice that tells you or rather gives you a full idea of who you are, what your value is and most importantly what best you have and have been designed to offer.

Realizing your true self involves a tremendous act of self adventure, recognizing who you want to be and passionately building up the courage, developing the resilience and tenaciously with curiosity and compassion fulfilling that unique purpose of yours.


Wisdom is simply defined as the ability to think, and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

Wisdom is seen as the “Capacity” of judging rightly in matters relating to life

I call wisdom a self-correcting tool, wisdom is the only virtue that tells you that you are not doing it well and gives you the correct guide on how you should go about it.

Identifying that you are ignorant is one of the keys of going after wisdom. That is because when you still think that you are on the right path you won’t see any need going after wisdom.

Without wisdom you can’t be rich. Wisdom is preached in churches because of its importance in winning in the affairs of life, wisdom is taught in business school because of its strength in accomplishing greatness.

Take for example you see a businessman that have invested in a business and eventually it fails they will tell him that he has not invested wisely. Meaning wisdom was not utilized when he mad the investment. He was void of wisdom.

Many people often associate failure with lack or absence of opportunities.  “It’s simply impossible to make money much less to prosper when the individual lacks the technological know-how of success. Wisdom gives the user the technological know-how of doing things.

How does this wisdom come? Who teaches wisdom?

Without wasting time I will go straight to the point by saying that the two sources which wisdom is taught is as follows; (i) Man and (ii) The Holy Ghost

The characteristics of the wisdom taught by man are as follows; it is devilish, sensual or earthly.

The characteristics of the wisdom taught by the Holy Ghost are as follows; it is pure, peaceful, gentle, easy to be intreated, full of mercy, good fruits, without partiality and it is without hypocrisy.

I’m sure having known this we can rightly choose who we should learn wisdom from, and let us not forget that God has promised to turn the wisdom of man into foolishness. There are cases recorded in the bible were God turned the wisdom of man into foolishness.


Wisdom is very important in handling the affairs of life. Here in this place i will give us a few functions of wisdom.

  • It enables you have a re-think. Wisdom creates a sense of awareness in you. It makes you aware of the virtues you lack and how you should go get it. 
  • It is evident that wisdom is an expert in dealing with difficult questions of life and an adaptation to the complex requirements.
  • Wisdom empowers self discovery; It is wisdom that helps someone who was pushed into studying medicine in school indentify that he ought to be a public speaker.
  • Wisdom gives you an interpretation to your visions.
  • Wisdom helps you set your goals, and guides you to achieve your goals.

I will simply conclude by reminding us of what was written in the bible” wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom”.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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