Taiwan Accused Of Shooting Down China’s Crashed Fighter Jet

A Chinese military jet has crashed in Taiwan today amid speculation the plane was shot down by the island’s defences forces.

In videos, flames and smoke can be seen emanating from the landing sight of the Chinese military jet. The jet allegedly crashed in Guangxi after flying over the Taiwan Strait. In the video, the pilot is seen to be motionless on a stretcher as members of the public gather round him

Although it is not sure as to why the jet crashed, tensions between China and Taiwan have risen soured rapidly.

The autonomous island has repeatedly warned the Chinese airforce has repeatedly violated its airspace over the last few months.

Located off China’s coast, Taiwan is seen as part of the mainland, with the Communist Party vowing to one day reclaim the island.

In order to protect its independence, the US has a defence treaty with the island whereby it well sell arms to the Taiwanese military.

Washington has also increased its naval presence in the South and Eash China Seas.

Two missile destroyer class ships have sailed through the vital Taiwan Strait in the last two weeks. These exercises have been under the guise of freedom of navigation movements.

China has also threatened nations across the world if they stand with Taiwan.

In a show of defiance against Beijing, Taiwan’s defence ministry released a video showcasing its military arsenal. The ministry also warned Beijing against encouraging the flames of war.

The ministry said: “Do not treat lightly our resolve to defend Taiwan. “The most arrogant country can easily provoke a war, and the most ignorant government can be caught in the flames of war.

“In the end it will have the opposite effect, inciting the wrath and antipathy of Taiwan’s people, seriously hurting peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

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