Mindshift Summit 2020

In the last few years, an increasing amount of studies has emerged on the cause of the low success rate of Africans.

Studies done identified and revealed reasons to be the flaws in African’s way of thinking and their approach to implementing strategies taught and learnt.

This has help to explain why most Africans both young and old fails to successfully plan, adopt and implement the strategies they create.

At such leads to a very low productivity and a minimal global impact.

This is why we’ve put up this summit themed “Re-positioning the African Mentality for Global Relevance.”

This is to create a paradigm shift and help African leaders both young and old to grow in relevance, globally.

It is 100% free at such non should miss it for any reason.

Register with this link👉 https://bit.ly/MindshiftSummit

Topics to be covered are:

  1. How to Ignite Productivity and Accelerate Results.
  2. Thriving Inspite of Constant Change.
  3. How to Craft and Accelerate Professional Development Growth
  4. How to Leverage on Global Networking for Building Strategic Opportunities.
  5. How to Create and Sustain Consistency in Your Personal Branding
  6. How to Unlock New Business Ideas for Excellent Productivity
  7. How to Connect to Influencers for More Profitability
  8. How to Build and Leverage Your Talent for Global Relevance
  9. How to Build a Digital Culture
  10. How to Monetize Your Hobbies
  11. Unknown to Unforgettable: How to use Your Personal Story to gain Recognition, Position and Build Yourself for more Relevance
  12. Prioritizing the Importance of Mentorship

Register with this link👉 https://bit.ly/MindshiftSummit

See you there.

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