Youth Democratic Party Submits Letter Of Intent To Participate In 2023 Poll

Youth Democratic Party Submits Letter Of Intent To Participate In 2023 Poll
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The Nigeria Youths Democratic Party (NYPD) on Tuesday submitted its letter of intent to register as a political party and participate in the 2023 elections.

As monitored by Native Reporters, the National Chairman of the party, Barry Johnson after submitting the letter of intent at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Abuja urged youths to participate in the electioneering process that will enthrone a new leadership in the country.

Johnson urged Nigerian youths to join the NYPD noting that there is a need for Nigerian youths to break the monopoly of leaders who cling to power at the expense of the nation.

“We will like to call on Nigerian youths both home and abroad. They are already automatic members of the Nigeria Youths Democratic Party.

“We have our own political party now so it will be fraudulent for any Nigerian youth to join a failed and a sinking ship.

“We want the world to know that we are a political party that is under registration process with INEC and we are not holding ourselves back from what we can provide for the Nigerian people,” he said.

Johnson stressed the need for INEC to do the needful by registering the NYPD as the party is determined to save the nation’s democracy.

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