• Na one sidechic wey be banker Naim carry police go arrest her manfriend wife for their house for ugboroke based on say the housewife dey warn her to resign from giving her husband better#Hot_Obenikoroja_Style.

Wahala start after the man (name withheld) tell his wife say he dey travel, only for the wife to later receive information after some days say na one banker (name withheld) wey all of them dey stay the same street Naim camp her husband for her house for the same street dey give am better #Hot_Obenikoroja_Style every night. The housewife come go confront the banker say ‘”this kind thing no good abeg release my husband'” the banker con truly release Oga and later carry people go Beg the house wife for house to forgive her say she no go ever get anything to do with her husband again but to the surprise of the housewife, she con later discover say the #Obenikoroja business still dey go on with between the banker and her husband, Naim she con begin call the banker for phone dey warn her to leave her husband or else…….

People just dey compound few days ago Naim sidechic show area with police to go arrest her #fuckmate wife Naim all the area women come out say this kind thing no fit happen because na only you dey #doke person husband, na you still dey bring police to arrest owner of husband. Na so area woman “change am” follow police, no be police clear eyes them take run when them see say Area women don call out with different tools like morter pistol, kitchen knife, turny garri and koikoi shoe to burst the head of any police wey try rubbish.

Watin come surprise everybody pass be say the husband dey support the sidechic and our preliminary investigation reveal say the support na because say the sidechic dey pay the guy steadily and both of them don dey plan secret marriage as we speak.

Abeg who get husband hold your husband well oh because the street is not friendly at all.

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