The university must put an end to deadly increment of school fees

The university must put an end to deadly increment of school fees

🇳🇬We stand in solidarity with the students of our Prestigious State Owned University NDU in their struggle for an unbiased, just & free learning society and environment✊🏿.

The University Governing Authorities or Bodies must put an end to the deadly increment of school fees and wearing Uniforms to class except they have plans to change it to a Secondary School.

Comparably Universities in other regions without even good natural resources and revenue generation or allocation perform better than us because we don’t want each other’s progress or development.

Students find it difficult to lay complains through right channels such as SUG because they don’t want their opinions telling them in disguise that they are in no position to tell the authorities what to do, what then is Freedom of Speech?

On behalf of the Students, we call on Bayelsa State Government to intervene on this matter before the University will embark on yet again another life long strike which will do more harm than good to the students.
God Bless NDU, BYS & NG!

Doubara Fafi.
Young Shall Grow Initiative.

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