Hon. OMEH JOHNBOSCO CHUKWUEMEKA is the CEO EJS Global International, also known as EJS Oil and Gas.
A business tycoon in the oil industry fulfilling dreams of humanity and playing hospitable roles in restoring good health to the challenge and supporting children’s education in Delta State.

Omeh Chukwuemeka hails from Ngbo Community in
Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State but reside in Abraka Delta State.
In 2018, Hon. Chukwuemeka sponsored the installation of pipe borne water supply in his community, Ngbo.
The community was longed faced with bad water supply resulting to the increased in bacteria and death of infants. As a young philanthropist burdened with the needs of society, Omeh Chukwuemeka came to the rescue of his Community.

Today, lives of the young and old are healthy due to the intake of good water in Ngbo Community.

Several beneficiaries of his educational scheme through the EJS Scholarship Grants, an Initiative formed to assist orphans in acquiring a formal education.

In 2021, Omeh Chukwuemeka financially supported a 11th month old child suffering from bladder cancer who will undergoing a second surgery (name withheld).

Other of his outreaches are not limited but includes his Support Against Shun Cultism and Drug Abuse Sensitization Programmes in Delta State.

Omeh Johnbosco Chukwuemeka is an opinion leader, a focus Nigerian Youth whose dreams is hinged to changing the negative narrative. As a Business Tycoon, he travels across the globe and adding meaning to lives.

He is happily married and live with his family. A Graduate of Fine-Art Education, Delta State University, Abraka.

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