DELSU: Ekwerekwu Receives Ohamadike’s Title in Delta

DELSU: Ekwerekwu Receives Ohamadike’s Title in Delta

…Reiterates Youths’ Participation in Peace-Building and Governance

By Fidelis Onakpoma

“Indi-Igbo Abraka is a major economic-dominant factor contributing to the socialization and development of Abraka metropolis Ethiope East Local Government Area, hence the need to maintain the status quo cannot be overstated”.

“Several dangerous assumptions about the role, position, and contribution of youths appear to plague thinking among national and international elites driving recovery efforts within societies in transition”.

The assertions were made on the 18th of September by Hon. Comr. Wilson Ekwerekwu on the 2021 Igbo Students Association Cultural Day at Delta State University Abraka.

Ekwerekwu who was awarded in recognition of his services to the development of the association was also crowned the “Ohamadike Ndi-Igbo 1 Na DELSU”.

In his goodwill message, Ekwerekwu lamented the risk of joblessness faced by Nigerian graduates and how some resorted to indulging in criminal activities fueling the increasing rate of instability and insecurity in the nation.

“To some extent, youths are seen as potentially dangerous ‘subjects’ and policy approaches often regard them as ‘a problem’. Often, male youths in the age group 16-30 have been observed as the main protagonists of criminal and political violence. In other words, much of contemporary thinking on youth and conflict tends to be overly negative. It focuses on the dangers posed by disaffected youths as is evident in the negative connotations of the ‘youth bulge’ or ‘at risk youth’ concepts”, he hinted.

“In such demographic realities, the potential youths hold for change and positive action is the subject of growing research agenda, and this is particularly the case with the recent wave of social upheavals and humanitarian crises in different parts of our country Nigeria”, he added.

“This is the gap. This is the challenge. And this is the reason for which I am seated here in my capacity as the Coordinator of His Excellency Alhaji “Atiku Support Organization” Anambra State, to reaffirm His Excellency’s mandate for youths’ inclusion in a modern democracy”, he maintained.

While receiving the Award and ascending the throne as the Ohamadike Ndi-Igbo 1 Na DELSU, he appreciated the leadership of Igwe Akunuba; President of the Igbo Students Association DELSU Chapter. He further charged the students to be industrious and law-abiding citizens whose conscience should not be sold to evil.

However, he urged the general public to practice good democrat comes 2023, and the choice of His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the only vehicle for the anticipated change Nigerians wanted should not be thrown overboard.

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